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If you have decided to start a new business and become an eyelash extension master, or you are already an eyelash master who has decided to expand your knowledge, then this is a great opportunity. This e-book covers everything from A-Z about eyelash extensions. The book is a great help for any master, regardless of skill level. 

If you are a lash teacher, this is the best way to teach all necessary for your students! 

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Here you will find everything you need for eyelash extensions. The highest quality materials from Sella Lashes. Lashes, glues, primers and everything else in one place! We are here to make working in the eyelash industry even more pleasant and high quality for you! We are here to offer you top-class materials at affordable prices. May you always be the first to offer the client the latest in the eyelash industry, and may every day at work be like a holiday! For happy customers

Sella Lashes - possibly the softest eyelashes you will ever work with. 🤍




Ahead of the beauty care industry with news throughout the Baltics!

We offer the highest quality beauty lamps for your comfort! Long research, long experiments and finally Moon Lamps are available in Baltics! The main thing for a beautician is good lighting, and using this lamp, there will be no unlit area anywhere. From the corner of one eye to the far corner of the other eye, there is no shadow anywhere, everything is illuminated with exactly the light you choose! The light tone is adjustable from cool to warm! The brightness of the light can also be adjusted as needed. The lamp is adjustable 360 degrees around its axis. Adjustable height.

Be the first in your area to shine!


Lauva Beauty is an online store where you can find the highest quality eyelash extension materials for professional eyelash artists, accessories for women and elegant jewelry for any woman made of natural crystals. Natural stones are created into unique jewelry. They have both - healing properties and show the excellent taste of the wearer. In the Lauva Beauty online store you will also find silk hair bands, which are a beautiful accessory and protect hair from mechanical effects.

Lauva Beauty is about beauty! About a smile! elegance! About  happy women.

Eyelash extension products SELLA

Sella eyelashes are the highest quality products for every lash master.  These eyelashes have been tested for years and developed by professionals to achieve the best possible result for each master and his client. Sella eyelashes are very soft, black and very easy to create any volume.

Sella lashes are made from a new and improved PBT microfiber material that is even softer and lighter, while retaining its intense black color.

Sella's great pride right behind the eyelashes is our selection of eyelash tweezers! Tweezers are a special handmade product. They have excellent grip. The tweezers will grab eyelashes of any thickness without damaging them. Fits perfectly in the hand, for comfortable and pleasant work. Find your perfect tweezers with us.


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